Paola Avila

Paola Avila has been working in the fields of community outreach and government relations for more than 10 years. As president of Partners Alliance, she serves a variety of clients in the political and public affairs arenas. Ms. Avila is experienced in the intricacies of local government helping her clients gain project approvals, secure contracts, develop community support, raise the profile of issues, and communicate with elected officials and their staffs.

In addition, Ms. Avila serves as the Communications and Outreach Director for Assemblymember Ben Hueso. Her responsibilities include the development and maintenance of a strong connection between the community and the media.

A native of Mexico, Ms. Avila began her career in political consulting and public relations with The Kern Company, where she was the assistant campaign manager for a successful mayoral candidate in 2000 and a number of successful State Assembly and Judicial campaigns and countywide ballot propositions. In December 2000, Ms. Avila was appointed Deputy Chief of Staff for Mayor Dick Murphy, where she oversaw the Community Outreach team, served as director of the selection committee for San Diego budget director, as well as overseeing staff hiring and supervision for the mayor’s office. From June to November 2004, Ms. Avila served as the campaign manager for Mayor Dick Murphy’s successful re-election campaign.

Ms. Avila serves on the Executive Board of the Mexican American Business and Professional Association, the Cielo Vista YMCA Board of Directors and on the Board of Directors of La Cuna Inc. She is the founding member of Vibra Bank and served on the Friends of La Jolla Elementary School Board of Directors. Ms. Avila graduated from the University of California San Diego with a B.A. in Economics.